Welcome and thank you for choosing Atwood Cable. We are proud to serve our community with quality programming, great customer service, and savings for the last 30 years! Fantastic local television programming, internet services, and now digital home & business phone service. We have your daily entertainment needs. Use the links at the top of the pages to browse through our site to see what we can offer you. 

Reasons to switch to Atwood Cable...

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Looking for the NFL Network, Big Ten Network, and ESPN3?

Cable companies like us, would like to provide these channels to our customers that want these services. But we want to be fair to All of our customers—those who are sports fans and those who are not. We do not want to be forced to provide these services to every customer. Increasing prices is not fair to our subscribers, ‘Grandma’ doesn’t need her cable bill to sky rocket just for these channels that she never watches. 

• Friendly, local, customer service. Talk to a live person, NO HOLD TIME!


• Basic service with more popular channels for less!


 • Free equipment and no additional fees for tuning in multiple televisions.

Complimentary repair service…

                          - Provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ALL 365 days of the year.


• Authorized KU Basketball games not delivered by other television providers.


• Automatic local bank withdraw available since 1982.


• High speed cable internet & digital phone service with NO hidden fees.


• Access to local news and weather, as well as the Emergency Alert System.


• Professional, creative advertising at a great price!


• We take care of our community by providing free cable television

service to schools and government buildings. 

For more information on this you can visit www.sportschoicenow.org for more information.